Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did you pray?

Yesterday I did not get to blog because by evening time my stomach was a bit queezy. Fortunately, after rolaids, tums and sleep I was better today. So I must write about yesterday's scary event before I blog for today.

Our group had planned an afternoon of shopping at Shaiman Island but some of us with older children had to have their TB tests read first. We did that and it came out fine. Thank goodness! Then, we were the lucky ones to have to have more shots. Due to Lia's heart condition they did not give her all SIX of her shots the other day, but were having us come back to have three more yesterday. We never thought of giving her tylenol prior to going in. Immediately, before giving her shots they decided that they needed to take her temperature first. At this point, we probably all had a fever, due to the heat and number of people in this one small room! I never dreamed she would be running a fever, but they said she was(only 99.5) and would not give her shots. This wouldn 't be such a big deal, but consulate appointments are only done Mon-Wed. and if she hadn't had shots we might not be able to have our appt., thus meaning we would have to wait until next week! This trip has been amazing, but I am ready to go home! Our wonderful guide, Amy, took us to the other room that was much cooler, and I gave Lia water and tylenol and began to pray. We waited about 15 min. and went to take her temp again. I took her and told David to stay and PRAY! They took her temp and she was fine! So, if you were praying for us, THANK YOU! HE ANSWERED! I have never been more happy to see a shot in my life! We got out as quickly as possible and then had a great time shopping and took pictures on "the red couch" that is so famous for adoptive children to have their photo made on at The White Swan Hotel. We bought Lia her precious baby doll that has not left her side. By the time we returned to the hotel, we were exhausted and I was not feeling so well so it was a quick dinner at McDonald's for everyone else and time for rest.

Missing two of our precious babies

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Jean said...

Thank goodness she was fine and able to have the shots!

She is a beautiful little girl!