Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So many new experiences

Today was another day full of new experiences. After breakfast Lia and I went to a "Mommy and Me" activity that the hotel was sponsoring. She is still very unsure when around others so she didn't want to have anything to do with the other children at first. After just a bit she warmed up and had a great time. We sang songs, played, read stories, did an art project and had a snack. We got to experience this with children and mommies who spoke English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malaysian, French and Japanese. It is so awesome to see families that are so culturally diverse. It reminds me of what heaven will look like and I imagine that will be the most awesome picture of all!

While we were spending time together, Dad and Tia skyped with the family. Once we got finished, we all got to skype with Brandon again and he got to see Lia doing one of her favorite things-coloring! She must have spent lots of time in the orphanage doing this, because she is really very good at it and can entertain herself very well. Then it was time for a nap so David took Tia to the pool while I got Lia down for a nap. Naptime was over just in time to meet our group for the dinner of a lifetime.

Talk about FRESH! The restaurant we went to tonight specializes in very fresh food. So fresh that it is all living when you get there. Since we are in Guangzhou now, the primary language here is Cantonese. We experienced a traditional Cantonese dinner, which was nothing like we have ever experienced before. As we entered the building we were met by LIVE snakes (my biggest fear!), every kind of fish, frog, alligator, snails, duck and many more animals that I had no idea what they were. Many of us decided right then and there maybe we should become vegetarians. Well, we went to the table and participated in an interesting dinner. I have to say the company and conversation were GREAT! Let’s just say we didn’t all clean our plates! I allowed peer pressure to get the best of me and I have to admit I actually tried the snake. NOT because I wanted to, but my precious husband thought I needed to face my fears. I did it, lived through it and don’t intend to do it again!

Tia holding the plate of cooked snake and then trying to decide whether she is
brave enough to eat the snake skin or not-NOT won!

After dinner we shopped along the way back to the hotel and as we stopped in one of the shops Lia and two of her new little girlfriends had to go to the potty so I took them. This was not your typical Western style toilet, but a squatty toilet as they call it, and I had three darling little rear ends stuck up in the air needing tissue at the same time (also not something they always have in supply so you better bring your own). When we came out, they could only choose one sink to wash hands in because a local shop owner was cleaning out her fish bowl and had live fish in the other sink.

To say that my senses are on overload might be an understatement, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. This has been an amazing trip and we are bringing home the greatest souvenir of all!

Another day I won't soon forget AND one that makes me long for some good ole Texas home cooking!


Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh Suzette,

The picture of your girls in red at the top makes me want to cry. Such a wearying wait, such a beautiful ending to that wait. Praising the Lord for your precious smiling Tia and Lia!

Reading about eating snake makes me want to cry too, but in a very ewwwww sort of way. What a brave Texas girl you are, and just think how impressed your students will be! Not many teachers can say they have eaten fresh snake in China!

Thank you for continuing to update. It looks like Lia has recovered from her immunizations ordeal. It won't be long before your girls are wrapped up in their big brother's arms! I know you are waiting for that moment!! Ah, it makes a mama's heart just swell!

Love and blessings from Texas~


Megan fano said...

Wow, that sounds so amazing!
Lia sounds like she would be great friends with my sister they kinda look the same & my sister LOVES drawing, they will need to hangout(: I'm so excited to meet ms. Lia(;
hope the trip back home is perfect & safe(:
Megan Fano