Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guangzhou madness

I hope I will have time to update more later, but I wanted to give you a quick update so you don't think we have gotten lost in transition somewhere.

Yesterday we got up very early to skype Brandon's graduation due to the efforts of some wonderful people in our school district. Thank you Teela, you are the best! It was difficult knowing we were missing this special event in his life, but we know that he wanted us to do this. He is more than ready to see his new little sister-this adoption was sent from God directly to Brandon and Tia to begin with! Thanks you two for listening and prodding us on! Mom and Dad are slow to listen sometimes and we are so glad to know that God can speak to us through our kids! Little Ms Lia is a go getter and her heart condition doesn't seem to be slowing her down much.

After graduation and breakfast we left our hotel in the Zhejiang province where our baby girl is from and flew to Guangzhou where we began the next leg of our journey. We are staying in the Marriott and it is very nice. The nice hotel also comes with a price tag. Our internet is no longer free in our room. It is available, but in a community room that is just not as convenient to access. Due to this I may not be blogging quite as much this week.

Today was much harder on Mom than on Lia. I have pictures I will post later. We had to go for our medical appointments. Nothing like an appointment in the US! Children over age two are required to have ALL shots before traveling back to the US, plus a check-up. This was not very complete though! Unfortunately, our daughter had to have the most shots of our whole group. I was not a happy momma! She had to have a TB test and SIX shots. Luckily, they decided to have us come back on Monday for three of the shots. She sat in my lap while they did the TB test, and three shots and never shed a tear! I shed enough for both of us!!!

Please be praying that her TB test comes back negative and that she doesn't have a reaction to the shots. I hope to update more later, but have to meet our group for dinner now.

(please ignore any errors-I typed this VERY quickly)

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Chanda said...

Suzette - I can totally relate about the shots. Amelia had to have 7 shots and all at the same time (they did not split them up for us). But she recovered quickly. We will be praying that Lia's TB test is negative. Are you at the Marriott China Hotel? That is where we stayed too. And yes you're right - the in-room internet is a little pricey! So, I just made a habit of putting the girls to bed in the evening, then grabbing my laptop and going down to the Starbucks for a little coffee and blogging time ;-) In fact, it's one of my favorite memories! For us, our time in Guangzhou was a much more relaxing time of the trip and it was nice to be back with our group. Hope you are all feeling the same!