Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oath day at the Us Consulate

After a morning of shopping on Shaimin Island we went with three other families from our group to the US Consulate in Guangzhou to take our oath. We were not allowed to take anything in with us other than a toy for our children or a small snack so I do not have pictures. After presenting our passport we were each called to a window to sign a form. Then all families with our group and others, about 30 total, came forward and repeated after the American woman in charge our oath promising that all information was correct for Lia's visa. We all stood and raised our right hand and repeated after her. Now, tomorrow our guide, Amy, will pick up Lia's visa that will be affixed to her passport. She will then become a US citizen at our first point of entry into the United States of America. After getting her visa tomorrow we will get on the bus headed for Hong Kong. This is a 3.5 hours ride and we have to get off in China and in Hong Kong at the immigration points since these are considered two separate countries and each has their own immigration point. We are then hoping to catch a flight back to the US at midnight, but it may not happen until the next day. Please continue praying that we make it home safely and little Lia sleeps much of the way. She did NOT like the flight from Hangzhou to Guangzhou and was rather upset when her ears started popping. I fully intended to give her Benedryl just to help her relax on the way home, but was told that might not be a good idea due to her heart condition. We will just ask God for peace and calm while flying and trust that our God that calms the storms of life will calm our little angel.

We are hoping to be home sometime Sat. but for our friends and family that want to meet us at the airport, we will let you know as soon as we know which flight we get on. The life of standby travel is very uncertain, but we are so thankful that we have this opportunity to save some money.

I sure hope our little Lia learns to like Tex Mex because we are definitely ready for some of it, along with some home cooking. We don't eat at McDonald's at home and have had to eat more meals there this week than we have in years at home.

Our guides, Lineker and Amy, and little Lia.
She absolutely loves Amy and wants to walk beside her everywhere we go.


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Jean said...

What a big day! I love the swearing in ceremony- it just makes it all that more official!!


coreyleeann said...

So glad everything has gone (mostly) smoothly and even more glad that it's time for y'all to come home We've been praying for y'all while you've been gone and will continue until y'all are safely home. We love y'all!!!!

Beth said...

You are in the final part of this amazing journey and soon to be settling in to home life again. You have been so gracious in letting us all have a glimpse into this journey to adopting Lia.

Tia, you are such a blessing and have already become the best big sister:) I love the picture of you and Lia in your red Chinese dresses-just beautiful.