Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calm before the storm...

Monday morning started off nice and calm, sharing a cup of coffee with my special little mei mei(little sister in Chinese). Every morning she asks me for coffee
in the sweetest little voice. Not wanting to really give her coffee,
I sneak her warm milk with a tiny bit of coffee just for the color and taste.
She loves it and it is the only way she will drink milk.

The calm was quickly left behind when I got a phone call at 11 am saying I needed to be at the hospital by 1 for pre-op. After quickly getting ready we made it there, spent two hours getting ready and discussing the type of anesthesia for surgery. On our way home, Brandon called saying, "Mom, we have a big problem!" Not something I wanted to hear at that moment. He had gone outside and found our sweet horse, Boogie, who we have owned for 13 years dead. He was about 26 years old and was great with the kids. Burying a horse isn't quite like burying a dog, but thanks to a good friend the guys got it done while I consoled Tia.

Tuesday morning began at 4 am as we went to the hospital for Lia's dental surgery. She had to have 3 fillings and 2 caps and due to the fact that these were into the nerve she needed anesthesia. Giving this to her with a bad heart brought much concern to the medical professionals, thus the reason for sending us to the children's hospital. Surgery took about an hour and a half and she did great. Her 02 levels are staying about 83-85 and each doctor would explain to the next that this was normal for her. She did NOT like the cap on her tooth or the iv line and wanted both of them OFF when she woke up. Unfortunately, the cap has to stay til the baby teeth come out.

She was well loved by all of the nurses and doctors caring for her. Mimi brought her a stuffed angel, Doctor Lantzy brought her a stuffed bear and the nurses gave her plenty of stickers.

Thank you for all of the prayers, calls, texts, emails as we went through this tough day. We are so thankful for the many people who are walking this road along with us and
praying us through.

Today I had to leave her with her siblings while I went to work planning for next school year. Since I have only left her for a little while since June 1st this was rather difficult. She only cried once and I told them to give her ice cream and it would all be ok. It worked and she had a good day, but was standing at the window when I drove up. What a joy to see that sweet face peering out the window and when I say, "I love you," she says, "I love you more!"

English has come so quickly for her and she is learning new words everyday. I am constantly amazed when she says a new word. She loves to play with a bottle in the
bathtub and tonight she was looking for the top and said, "Mommy, where's the top?"
Up to this point, we have done fine communicating, but it has been
one word at a time along with lots of pointing.

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Dwelling said...

Sorry I haven't posted until now...just wanting to let you know that we have been praying lots and will continue! So glad things went well with the dental work and so sorry about your sweet horse....