Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cruising and comments

My two beautiful girls!

and three handsome young men

and the man of my dreams!

Now, I am just wondering:

Does she look happy or not?

Why on earth would I ask that question?

Well, here goes.

After returning home from an amazing cruise with 22 members of our family there was a comment that I continue to ponder. While we were shopping in a craft area in Jamaica a lady who was trying to get us to purchase some of her wares began asking me which ones were my kids. After I explained to her that all FIVE of them were mine she kindly said how good it was that I had adopted and gave me a sweet smile. Then another Jamaican lady sitting next to her asked me, "Why didn't you adopt another one like Tia?" This question obviously was referring to the color of her skin. I had the opportunity to tell her that God led us to Lia in China this time. She said, "Well, is Tia happy?" I asked her to clarify what she meant and she said, "Is it ok that she doesn't have a sister that looks like her?" I kindly told her that Tia was very happy and this satisfied her questions but she made one last comment, saying, "Next time you need to get another one like Tia." Well, I appreciate your concern, but next time I have promised God that I will go wherever He leads me and it doesn't matter the color of skin! From what I can see these two sisters look pretty happy!

I am blessed beyond measure to have a family that is able to see this and realize that love is truly color blind and knows no boundaries.
We had an amazing trip, compliments of our generous grandmother, Nannie, on Carnival Conquest to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

Is there anything better than having a cousin's hand to hold?
I must ask, who coud argue with this look?


tara said...

Of course she's happy..how could she not be! She is blessed beyond measure to have you as a mom and a wonderful dad, 3 loving and caring brothers and 1 little sister to take care of! And most of all-- All through the Grace and Blessings of God!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a terrific time. You all are so blessed to have had this opportunity to spend time as a whole family together!
**Love the picture of Tia and Lia all dressed up. That one needs to be framed!