Sunday, July 11, 2010

How will they know?

Having the opportunity to teach our children about loving the Lord is probably the greatest blessing we could ever experience. Each of them will have to make that personal decision to accept Him or reject Him one day, but what if they were never given the information. Kinda like me giving you a gift, but you never open it. It saddens me to know how many other precious children sit in foster families and orphanages never hearing His word while we sit in our homes and churches never going to tell them because it might cause us some discomfort.

I remember the day each of our children accepted the Lord as their savior and were baptized and the joy that filled my soul. The day Tia was baptized I remember saying what a relief it was to know that all four of our children had a personal relationship with Him. Little did I know that there would ever be another darling little girl to fill our home with even more laughter and love. I guess God knows my spiritual gift isn't evangelizing (which was confirmed during a spirtual gift analysis in Sunday School today) so if He sends these babies to me He knows I LOVE to share His love with them. Just in case you are interested in your own spiritual gift you can find a easy to use analysis at

So this morning we headed back to church for only the second time since coming home from China. We didn't know whether Lia would stay in Sunday School or not, but decided to attempt it. What a joy it was when she walked right in and went to play with her new friend, Alli. We left and went to our own classes and came back to check on her. One hour was enough and she was ready to go. She acted like she wanted to stay, but quickly started to cry so we took her into "big church." She is such a good girl in church and sits and colors and watches everything that is going on. She loved carrying her bible that had her name on it and was given to her a few weeks ago. Once we got home I tried to get a few snapshots as she was loving looking at her bible(even though it may have been upside down). Her favorite book is her book of bible stories that Mimi gave her and she loves to read about Noah and the "big boat." Pretty good story to start with, I think, since it tells of God's promises to us!

After getting home it was time for another favorite: playing with big brothers. What a blessings to have three big boys that love their little sisters so much and gladly play with her.

Don't you just love the new outfit, from Sunshine Square?
Lia's favorite of course since it had ice cream!

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