Friday, July 30, 2010

A much better day

Monday was another first for Lia, with a visit to Chuck E Cheese with Tia and their cousins.

Tuesday we enjoyed just staying at home and relaxing and showing a little attitude

and Wednesday we had a very brief chance to try out Lia's new umbrella
followed by a wonderful dinner with friends.

Well, as frustrated as I was about the fact that Lia's heart surgery was rescheduled, I have to admit I would MUCH rather be spending today like this:

laughing and playing baby dolls,

putting hair up in two little pigtails for the first time,

and welcoming big brother home from church camp.
I also had to post this photo showing off two VERY expensive and beautiful sets of teeth. Brandon just got his braces off last week after almost three years and Lia had her dental work completed last week and I'm just beginning to get those bills in the mail today.

So it looks like we will have another week to play and have fun.

Our all day pre-op will be next Friday, Aug. 6th and then the heart cath on Mon., Aug. 9th and the Fontan heart surgery on Tues., Aug. 10th. This timing was not in OUR plan, but we are trusting that it is definitely in HIS plan.
It will, however, be that much closer to school starting and will require a big juggling act on our part, but we are believing that Lia will do great and heal quickly!
We have been told that if ALL goes well we can hope to be out of the hospital in 7-10 days.

Please pray that things go smoothly, there are no complications, and Lia heals quickly so that she can begin pre-school and mommy and daddy will not have to miss too much work.


Kristen Kelton said...

Those are great photos. You can just look at her and see the joy she feels. I am in awe of you and your family. Praying for a short, smooth hospital stay followed by many years of happiness for all of you!

Tiffanyg said...

Those pictures are precious! I enjoy reading about all that's going on with your family and I will be praying for the upcoming surgery/hospital stay!