Monday, August 2, 2010

"Jesus swimming?"

Did that title catch your eye?

After a full weekend of fun and adventure we were winding down for bed tonight. Bedtime is quite an ordeal, but has always been such a sweet time as we get to listen to our kids talk, pray and share their hearts.

While putting little Ms. Lia to bed, we were discussing our plan to go swimming tomorrow. Swimming is one of her favorite activities and she made it clear that she like the "big pool" over the "little pool." We named off each person that would and would not going and she wasn't too fond of the idea that daddy would not get to go. Tia informed me that it just wouldn't be as much fun without daddy since he is the "fun" one! Lia still doesn't understand why daddy leaves and goes to work. During the list of who would be swimming she said, "Jesus swim?" After thinking she was saying someone else I realized she wanted to know if Jesus would be swimming with us. I told her Jesus would not be swimming, but that He lives in our heart and she was perfectly satisfied. Oh, the sweet faith of children! What a comfort it is to know that He really will be holding my baby girls heart in the coming week and He is right with us as we are swimming.

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GG said...

one of my favorite blog posts ever! -- Greg