Tuesday, August 10, 2010

9:45 pm update

Praise God her little heart is beating on its own again! We just got the best news saying that it is beating and Dr. Tam is sewing her up. The nurses sew up the outer layer, but he does all the inside layers. They did have to give her platelets for her blood clotting. We are so excited to hear that our Lord that held her little heart and protected it while the dr. did the work has allowed it to beat on its own once again. We have about another hour to go and we should get to talk to the surgeon that has been working on her for the past 5 hours.

To Him Be the Glory! We are tired but very encouraged! His peace has been perfect through this day. Please pray for strong stomaches on our part as we see our baby girl hooked up to so many tubes and machines.


Judy said...

Praise the Lord!! That is great news. I will continue to pray for sweet girl and for all of you!!

Fitzgerald Family said...

We are thankful that Lia is doing well. Praise the Lord! We will continue to pray for a speedy recovery for Lia and much needed rest for you all.

Waitingfaithfully said...


Praying that as I type this you are by your baby girl's side, her heart beating perfectly. Praising the Lord for holding all of you through this long day, especially sweet Lia. Father continue to bring your healing touch to Lia. Thank you for Dr. Tam, the nurses, the anesthesiologists--for all who have cared and will continue to care for Lia, bless them Lord and give wisdom. I pray for strength for Lia's family as they stay by her side, Lord. Hold them close. Bless Lia's little heart Lord, and keep it beating strong! In Jesus name, Amen

Thanks for the updates, Suzette.



Tammy Fletcher said...

I can't possibly say anything more than the wonderful prayers that are already posted. Just know that our AWESOME ALMIGHTY GOD has you all (and the medical staff) in His hands and He's GOT THIS! Praying for peaceful rest tonight for all and a fast and easy recovery for little Lia.