Thursday, August 12, 2010

Power of prayer

How many times do we doubt the power of prayer and think our little measly prayer isn't effective.? We say we will pray for someone and often forget, wondering if it really matters anyway.

Let me tell you that we have truly felt the power of so many prayers the past few days! The peace that God has given us during such a difficult time has been amazing. Watching your baby suffer is not easy and this morning she was having a very hard time. Nausea was getting the best of her and she was just so SAD! When my sister asked how my day was I told her, "Terrible, sorry, but you asked." I know she asked some of you to pray(I saw it on her FB page). Guess what, Lia began feeling better, which meant that mommy did too! She actually tolerated a popsicle and some sprite.

Then this afternoon she had a few more bouts with nausea and was completely solemn. She didn't speak and didn't have hardly any emotion. It was so hard watching our almost always happy little girl like this. We are so thankful that my mom has been coming to give me a break during the day to go clean up and David's parents have been relieving us to go eat.

We have a room at the Ronald McDonald House and this has been such a blessing to us. I hope you will click on the link and see what a wonderful place this is. They provide us with meals in the evening all cooked by volunteers.

This evening while Aunt Sherri was visiting, Lia called Uncle Mike in the waiting room and talked to him. We saw our first smile when he began to tease her. After that, she ate a few bites of ice cream and talked to us and we even got a few more smiles. That certainly did our hearts good.

They were able to take out a few of her iv's and her pacer wires. You may notice the dark area in the picture under her arm. This is a chemical burn from some of the cleaning solution they used before surgery that dripped onto her skin and didn't get washed off. She is still draining far too much fluid from around her lungs to take out any of her chest tubes so please continue to pray that the drainage begins slow down very soon.

I also want to report what a blessing it was to visit with baby Landry's parents tonight. I found out she is 10 days old and has had two heart surgeries. I told them that many of us had been praying for her and they were so thankful! They almost lost her the other night when I asked you to pray and I am happy to report that she is doing much better.

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.
James 5:16

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Jill said...

OH! The power of prayer!
So glad to see some good news from Camp Lia!
Pryars still coming. Thanks for keeping us updated Suzette. You must be exhausted! Hang in there. We are pulling for ALL OF YOU!