Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jesus is holding her heart now

We just got the call at 4:35 pm saying surgery just now got started and they are hooking Lia up to the bypass machine at this time. This seems like such a long time, but Dr. Tam explained that it could take a few hours before he even got to her. There is much to do esp. if they run into any scar tissue before he can even do his work. So at this moment a machine is pumping Lia's blood while her heart is stopped for him to work on it. Please pray for steady hands, wisdom for those working and Lia's little heart to restart the way it needs to in a few hours.
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Debbie said...


We are praying for Little Lia and your family.

Judy said...

Praying!!! Praying!!! Praying!!!

So thankful Jesus has her little heart in His mighty one!!