Sunday, August 15, 2010

Such a small thing, but such a big deal

After Lia's central line was removed, she had to begin having her medicines orally. This has not been easy and last night was a nightmare. She is on three medicines and has to get used to this, because at least one of these will probably be a way of life for a long time and the other two may be temporary. She screamed and cried and we offered every form of bribery we could think of. Hopefully we finally got them in her, but I think about half of each one was spit back out. Please pray that she begins to accept these better. The doses are too small to put in pill form so she just has to take the liquid for now. Honestly, this was much worse than taking out the chest tubes and we hated to see her crying and fighting like this. She has been the best patient we could ask for so it made this even more difficult to put her through this pain. Her English is good enough that she quickly told us, "medicine, no like it!" That was quite obvious!

We were awakened at 5:00 am to a nurse coming to draw blood after we were told that they wouldn't be doing this today. Orders changed, but no one told us and poor baby was in a deep sleep(I'm glad someone was)and was awakened with a huge needle thus causing even more tears.

I was in the bed beside her comforting her after this ordeal and she finally fell back asleep. About 6:00 am when she was sleeping comfortably again, I heard her breathe three little words that made my heart smile...


Oh, baby girl, how we love you and wish we could make the pain go away. Unfortunately, this is all part of the process we have to go through to make your heart better.

Thanks for the prayers and support!

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coreyleeann said...

She makes Aunt Lee Ann's heart smile too!