Sunday, August 15, 2010

God answered our prayers tonight in an amazing way. Lia took her medicine perfectly! This may seem minor to some, but this morning it took three of us holding her down to give it to her. Then this afternoon we met a lady whose little boy had the same surgery a few weeks ago and guess what? She speaks Mandarin and talked to Lia about taking her medicine. I really don't know what all she told her, but tonight Lia took all three meds and gave them to herself without even a tear. We said, "thank you God," the whole time as we watched in amazement. Then we praised her, ate some chocolate, and did the happy dance while she said,"settle down!"
Thank You Jesus for sending our answer to prayer through a beautiful lady.
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Waitingfaithfully said...

Thanking God right along with you Suzette, now I need to eat some chocolate, and do a happy dance! :) So proud of you, brave Lia!

Thank you Lord, for sending a translator, in the form of a mama who has been there, done that! You are good!

I loved Lia's "I love you", after the blood draw sadness. Praying the meds go down easy from here on out--we have found we get less fight from Teddi, if she administers her own meds. Strong girls. Love 'em!

Praying the drainage stops quickly, so that you can soon be on your way home. Thankful to see smiles again.



Anonymous said...

So thankful to hear that God sent an angel to translate to Lia how important her meds are and how thankful to hear that she took them well. I pray that is will continue and the drainage will be gone soon to that you can take her home.

Love and prayers,

Tammy Fletcher said...

WOW!! I never cease to be amazed at how our Lord works sometimes! What an awesome way to answer all the prayers! I am so very glad to hear so much good news and I can hardly wait to hear that y'all are back at home and well on the mend!!
Still lifting y'all up and believing for complete healing and a very long and blessed life for Miss Lia!! God bless you Jones!!!

Tammy Fletcher said...

*that post said "Jones family", I don't know what happened to the family part. LOL