Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2nd - Confiding- Orphan Sunday

"The Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare."
Psalm 25:14-15 NIV

He confides in us and makes His covenant known to us? Even when we mess up and are so undeserving? Yes, my loving Father loves me enough to share His desires with me.  This verse says I only have to fear Him and keep my eyes on Him.  If there is anyone who is undeserving of His grace and mercy I would most definitely fit into that category. He has picked me up out of the mud and mire more times than I can count, and still, He loves me enough to share His heart with me.

Today, we learned that a childhood friend of my son's was tragically killed in an auto accident last night.  My heart hurt when I heard those words from him and all I wanted to do as a mom was to make the pain go away.  Oh, how my Father wants to provide our every need and heal our hurts more than we do for our children.  I would ask you to keep this young family in your thoughts and prayers. 

Why am I so passionate about orphan care and adoption? For one, I experienced God confiding in me 15 years ago as I longed for a little girl.  I didn't do anything worthy of the gift He gave, but He made His covenant know to me because I was available.  Nothing I did could make Him love me more, but by being available He poured out blessings that I could have missed out on had I not have been listening as He confided in David and I.  Not only did He give us a gift we longed for, but He caused our cup to overflow years later with another adoption of our youngest daughter.
Today, I sat and held my newest grandson and whispered words of blessing over him. As I showered him with love my thoughts couldn't help but think of all the little babies out there without anyone to shower them with love.  Our little bundle of joy is loved more than he will ever know and will always have every need met.  My greatest prayer is that as I share about God's heart for the orphan someone's heart will be broken and they will take that leap to provide for one child so that they will know the love of a forever family.

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